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Mission Statement and a disclaimer

All the rights for Meher Baba’s words, His Messages, and His movie images are all owned by Avatar Meher Baba Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar.

The purpose of the ownership is not commercial - in fact all these are being made freely available on the Trust website. The purpose is to protect His precious words, images, films, literature and messages from losing their purity or meaning through distortion, exaggeration and other such changes.


Most of His messages and books were given in English and authentic translated versions in Marathi and other Indian languages are in many cases not available. To fulfill this need these are being made available in Marathi (and over the coming years the website may be extended so that, these may be made available in other Indian languages). This  website is dedicated to this sole purpose: to make His words available in Marathi to start with. There is absolutely no commercial purpose behind this effort. Every effort is being made to retain the purity in translation. While He allowed the freedom to  each of His lovers to interpret His words, He was very particular that in such cases the interpreter should always precede by explicitly saying so, rather than ascribing them to Meher Baba.

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