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Some notable quotes of Meher Baba

1. "Sainath gave me divine power. Babajan granted me divine bliss. Upasani Maharaja gave me divine knowledge." "I am infinite power, knowledge and joy; I am 'Puran Purushottam' and I have come to save this modern world."

2. "I am Puranapurushottam. When I say that I am an Avatar, I do not mean to think so or to assume that I am God. I know, it is so. It is blasphemy for one to say, 'He is God.' Many people think so; but in truth (in my case) I think that when I say 'I am not God', I am blaspheming God."


3. "Keep these words in your heart: Nothing is true; only God is true. Nothing has meaning; only love of God is meaningful."


4. "Don't worry about your faults; eventually they will go away. Even if they linger, love will one day destroy them. Don't worry. Baba loves you and that's what really matters."

5. Religion: "Religion is originally established to free man from all narrowness, but if it is not properly understood, it becomes a cage. All the religions of the world speak of one eternal and universal truth. But due to our weakness, human beings are limited and cling to certain loyalties. It is the tendency, which closes his way to this divine principle of the boundless ocean of love. Man has become addicted to man, not to the principles of religion, but to their extra-ritual remedies. Thus the original intention of the world's great founders of religion has been thwarted. This self-created I appeal to mankind to break the prison and enjoy the limitless life that I have brought."

6. ADVERSITY: A BLESSING: "When adversity, distress, or misfortune befalls you, do not despair or throw up your hands and feet; rather, give thanks to God. For, through them, He has given you the opportunity to develop courage and endurance. One who has acquired the courage to confront circumstances can easily enter the spiritual path."

7. Miracles: "Many people knowingly or unknowingly give more importance to miracles than they deserve. They misunderstand that miracles are spirituality... But the difference between science and mysticism, mysticism and spiritualism is very definite and clear. The implication of this difference is known. No, confusion ensues. The mystical as well as the ordinary phenomena of this material world are created out of false imagination. Spiritually there is only one thing that matters; that is to realize the divine life for oneself and to manifest it in one's daily life so that others may also realize it."

"I do not perform any miracles. I do not change the situation at all. But one thing is certain; my spiritual authority is so great that in any corner of the world, at any time, if a person in distress cries out to me from the heart, that distress will be immediately relieved. Not some nonsense; it is a fact. I am the master of this universe and the slave of my lovers."

8. Life in the Big Thing: "Great things like donating to public institutions is not service done; those who express their love through small things are also doing service. A word that comforts a weary heart or a smile that blossoms hope and joy from despair." It would be appropriate to think of them as service as well as self-sacrifice with great sacrifice and fighting spirit. A glance that destroys the bitterness of the heart and causes a new love to emerge in its place is service even if there is no sense of service behind it. If done, they will seem precious; but life is entwined with such trifles, and if they are neglected, not only the beauty of life, but also the spiritual vitality will be lost."

9. Effective power of meditation: "Just as even a disturbed thought has the power to break into physical action, so meditation, i.e. deep thinking or systematic contemplation, creates in the seeker a certain kind of power that he needs. This power is of great use to the aspirant of attaining the Supreme." Its effect may not be seen immediately, nor will it be seen over time, but eventually it is sure to be fruitful."

10. Naamsmarana reduces the filth of rituals: "To purify yourself, let your thoughts be free, but keep a strict watch on your actions. Do not put thoughts of anger, work, greed, etc. into words and actions. But let them come and go freely without hindrance. Then the samskaras they create in your mind will diminish and so will their suffering. But when you put such disorders into action - openly or secretly - you create new samskaras. These new samskaras, the ones you put into action, are even more terrible. New samskaras become more firmly rooted in your mind. Only the fire of divine love can destroy all samskaras once and for all. However, just as alum absorbs dirt from muddy water in a vessel, my remembrance reduces the filth of samskaras in your mind. So when anger or When material thoughts arise in your mind, remember Me at once. They will buzz around you like wasps, but won't be able to bite you. In this way you can prevent bad thoughts from acting out; Then you will finally be able to create in your heart the holiness necessary for the mind to manifest itself in you."

"My name has more power than me. So I chant my own name continuously."

11. The world is but an illusion : "The magician's wonders are based on the illusion of the beholder. They are no more real than mirages. As illusion makes creation seem real. Children adore the magician. The magician's games seem real to them. But grown-ups know that they are theirs. Deceiving, his miracles are false. Ignorant people perceive the world as the ultimate truth. However, only the wise know that the world is only an illusion."

12. Don't Criticize : "The habit of criticizing one's brothers is bad. It often has its root in moral maturity, arrogance, and a false sense of superiority... Sometimes it expresses a sense of belonging or revenge."

13. Best Charity: "It is impossible for human beings to forget both the wrongs they have done to themselves and the wrongs done to them by others. And because they cannot forget this, it is difficult for them to forgive. But forgiveness is the best charity. When one has wealth and possessions, he gives them to the poor. It is an easy thing to do. But to forgive is a difficult thing. If one can do it, it is the best thing of all."

14. Incarnation comes to stop destruction: "Avatar appears in different forms, under different names, at different times and in different parts of the world. Transcendentally, when mankind is reborn, it assumes a form. Since the period before the manifestation of the Avatar is a kind of rebirth, in this period man is pre-reincarnated. In these times man is more enslaved to lust, more enamored with greed, more fearful and more enraged. The rich oppress the poor in a state of 'victim to ear'; by those who rule, for the benefit of a handful of rulers. Bahujan society is robbed. Man who does not find peace or well-being, tries to forget himself in exciting artificial stimulants. This leads to degradation of society from all sides. National and communal hatreds arise, wars arise; mankind becomes vulnerable and hopeless. .The possibility of stopping this wave of destruction disappears comes the incarnation."

15. Abode of God: "Don't listen to the voice of the mind at all. Listen to the voice of the heart. The mind is fickle. The heart is not. The mind is afraid, the heart is fearless. Reason and the mind are the home of doubt. The heart, on the contrary: Banish the low desires, hatred and selfishness from the Karana, so that God will manifest in you in your true Self."

16. Slanderer's House : "Do not be angry with him who slanders you behind your back, but be happy. For he is serving you by lightening the burden of your sanskaras. . . .

17. "People, wake up from your ignorance... Each one of you is none other than God. Not only is the incarnation God, but the ant and the sparrow are also God. The outward difference is only a difference in the states of consciousness. Do not remain in ignorance. Do not discriminate between brothers... Strive for the benefit of divine love... Even while performing our duties in the world, live to realize and experience your true oneness with your dearest God. Be pure, be simple. Love all as all are one. To help others. Toil for eternity. Do not desire any other reward except the gift of divine love. I remember my divine honesty that I will give you many times more than what you yearn for. With the spark of my divine love, instill in your heart a deep longing for divine love. For that you My blessings to all."

18. "What is the basic principle behind prayer?... At the root of most prayers, the intention is to seek some temporal or spiritual benefit from the Lord. In fact, the Lord is so kind and generous that He gives His devotees, even without asking, much more than they can take. giving more. He knows more deeply than they do what their real needs are. Therefore, any begging attitude towards God is unnecessary. Many times, it hinders the inner love and reverence that the supplicant is trying to express. .

"The ideal prayer to God is the spontaneous praise of His true nature. You praise Him not in a begging manner, but with the intention of relishing His true nature in self-forgetfulness. You praise Him because He is praiseworthy."

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